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Swing Check Valves


Check valve refers to a valve whose opening and closing parts are circular discs and rely on its own weight and medium pressure to generate actions to block the back flow of the medium. The disc of the swing check valve is disc-shaped, and it rotates around the shaft of the valve seat passage. It can prevent the medium from flowing backwards and weaken the hydraulic shock.


1.Bolted cover or pressure seal cover;

2.Reliable tightness and possible zero leakage;

3.Simplified construction and easy maintenance;

Major Specification

Nominal size: 2"~24"(DN50~DN600)

Nominal pressure: Class150~2500(PN10~PN420)

Standard: BS1868, API594,ASME B16.34

Body material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel

End connection:RF, BW, RTJ

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Swing Check Valves